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An answer to all your chocolate questions

All your chocolate questions answered!

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Where can I buy Vandenbulcke chocolate?

You can find the Vandenbulcke chocolates at many retailers worldwide. You can also find all our delicacies in our shop in Heule and online.

Can I come and visit the chocolate factory?

Currently, due to the current corona measures, visits are not possible yet, but in the future it will be possible again to visit our company! All information can be found here.

Can private individuals visit the shop?

The shop is open to everyone! Come along and discover our delicious chocolate! You can find more information about the shop here.

Can I order online?

You can order online via our webshop. Each order from 25 euros will also be shipped for free! Click here to visit our webshop.

What is a Petit Melo?

The Petit Melo is a delicious chocolate with a base of Belgian speculoos, an airy core of sugar foam, covered with a double layer of the best Belgian chocolate. It is also the newest product of Vandenbulcke and won a silver medialle at the ISM fair in 2020.