PEFC stands for: Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes. It is an international independent quality mark for promoting sustainable forest management. The ultimate goal of PEFC is that all forests in the world are managed in a sustainable way.

In order to be allowed to sell products with a PEFC quality mark, every company in the supply chain must be “PEFC certified”. In order to be PEFC certified, a company has to have PEFC procedures.

The IFS standard is a food safety standard developed by German, French and Italian trade and retail organizations. The standard is aimed at suppliers of retailers in the food industry and aims to guarantee the quality and safety of the food chain. View our certificate here.

Confiserie Vandenbulcke was awarded the 100% West Flemish regional product certificate for 2 products: our horse heads and our Cortryck praline. A 100% West Flemish regional product is a food product that is traditionally or traditionally produced, where possible composed of regional raw materials or raw materials whose processing is considered to be regional, have a demonstrable link with the region and are marketed under a brand name from West -Flanders.

Download our certificate here 

A “self-checking guide” is a document: drawn up by a sector and intended for the operators of that sector; with instructions on how to meet the legally imposed requirements for hygiene, traceability and self-checking; approved by the Agency.

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