Belgian upcycled praline Cabosse with cocoa fruit filling wins gold at chocolate world championships.

Kortrijk (Heule), 1 february 2022 – The Cabosse praline by Kortrijk Chocolatier Vandenbulcke has just won gold at the ISM exhibition in Cologne, one of the most important trade fairs in the chocolate and confectionery industry. The unique filling of this upcycled praline is made of the flavoursome white fruit pulp surrounding the cocoa beans that is usually discarded during the chocolate production process. This means the Cabosse praline helps to reduce waste and has a positive impact on the planet.

Two years after winning the silver for Petit Melo, Chocolatier Vandenbulcke has now been awarded the highest prize in Cologne. “The new gold medal shows that our family-run authentic chocolate making business is committed to innovation and quality. It is the perfect reward for all the hard work our entire team puts in day after day,” Chocolatier Vandenbulcke spokesperson Nicolas Degryse says.

Cabosse - Chocolatier Vandenbulcke

70% less waste

“Cabosse is the French word for cocoa pod. It was the perfect name for our new creation, because this praline really makes the most of all the goodness of the entire fruit,” Nicolas Degryse adds. “We have been committed to sustainable chocolate and better conditions for our cocoa farmers for many years. When you think that normally only the cocoa beans themselves are used to make chocolate and the remaining 70% of the pod simply ends up being discarded, that does not match that sustainable philosophy at all. So we decided to use the delicious white pulp surrounding the cocoa beans for the Cabosse praline’s filling. It means that we make optimal use of our raw ingredients and the farmers get extra income on top of what they earn from the cocoa beans.”

Unique flavour

For the praline’s development, Vandenbulcke used Cabosse Naturals, a Barry Callebaut brand that produces 100% pure ingredients from the entire cocoa pod. The Cabosse praline is made of dark chocolate and is shaped like a cocoa pod. The filling has an intense, fruity flavour that is balanced by a fresh acidity.

The ISM jury evaluated hundreds of snacks and confectionery products and has awarded the first prize to the Cabosse praline because of its unique taste and innovative minimum waste production process. The Cabosse will be available in-store from May 2022.

Come and discover the Cabosse praline at stand J009 in Hall 4 at ISM Cologne until Wednesday 2 February or request an interview.

Chocolatier Vandenbulcke is a third-generation family business with a passion for chocolate. The company was founded in 1949 by André Vandenbulcke and his wife Olga Vandeweege. They made the truffles that laid the foundation for the original family recipes that guarantee the company’s tasty chocolate today. The range consists of five segments: Sealife/Seashells, Pralines, truffles, dragee eggs and Petit Melo. The company is active in more than 55 countries and employs 40 permanent and 30 seasonal employees. Chocolatier Vandenbulcke is Fair Trade and UTZ certified and founded Bulckies World, a series of initiatives that benefit products, the environment, people and society. More info:

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