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Looking for a nice year-ends gift for your emploees, customers or (business) relations?
Chocolate is always a good idea!
Take a look at our catalogue here and order online.

Personalize your gifts

Would you like to personalize a package?
From 120 pieces we can personalize the all-in-one box Petit Melo with an insert. Please contact us at marketing@vandenbulcke.com after placing your order.

How to order? Deliverie?

Enter the quantities you wish to order using the form below. All gifts are packed in cartons, the number of gifts per carton is always stated under the article.

Our gift packaging is available all year round and can be delivered quickly. In order to make deliveries during the end-of-year period as smooth as possible, we try to bundle all orders. Delivery times are therefore as follows:

Order before 14/10/22 > delivered at the latest on 18/11/22
Order before 31/10/22 > delivered at the latest on 30/11/22
Order before 21/11/22 > delivered at the latest on 21/12/22
Deliveries after 21/11/22 are available in consultation.

The earlier you order, the sooner you can be sure of the beautiful gifts.

We deliver free of charge from an amount of €500 (excl. VAT). For orders lower than €500 we charge a fixed delivery cost of €50 (excl. VAT).

After your order you will receive a confirmation email. Invoicing is done afterwards, invoices are made from 100 €.

Attention, the offer below is only accessible to companies. Prices are excl. 6% VAT. Prices valid until 31/01/2023.

Bestelformulier eindejaarsgechenken

Discovery box

De Petit Melo® Discovery Box is een mooie, kleurrijke dispenserbox met 48 individueel verpakte Petit Melo in 6 heerlijke smaken. Bepaal zelf op welk tempo je ze opeet. Ideaal om op het aanrecht of bij de koffiemachine te plaatsen.

PM33043 - per 4 stuks - €21,95/stuk

Prijs per karton (4 stuks): 87,80 €

Tasting box

Unieke, uitschuifbare luxe doos met daarin 2 stuks van elke smaak Petit Melo. Ideaal om op tafel te zetten of de verschillende smaken te leren kennen.

PM33054 - per 12 stuks - €6,29/stuk

Prijs per karton (12 stuks): 75,48 €

All-in-one box

6 doosjes Petit Melo, telkens in een doosje van 4 stuks. Verpakt in een mooie, handige geschenkdoos.

Personaliseerbaar vanaf 120 stuks.

PM33053 - per 6 stuks - €11.95/stuk

Prijs per karton (6 stuks): 71,70 €


Pure chocolade met fruitige cacaovulling

B99177 - per 12 stuks - €4,95/stuk

Prijs per karton (12 stuks): 59,40 €

Tinnen doos Sea Life

490 gr

B99270SR - per 8 stuks - €10,95/stuk

Prijs per karton (8 stuks): 87,60 €

Tinnen doos zeevruchten

380 gr

B99213 - per 8 stuks - € 10,95/ stuk

Prijs per karton (8 stuks): 87,60 €

Tinnen doos pralines

350 gr

B99212 - per 8 stuks - € 10,95/stuk

Prijs per karton (8 stuks): 87,60 €

Tubo Sea Life

110 gr

ZV50017 - per 12 stuks - € 3,49/stuk

Prijs per karton (12 stuks): 41,88 €

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